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Now in Kindle! A detailed, day-by-day guide to learning the Serenity Yoga Sun Salutation 1, on Kindle so you can learn whereve you are, whenever you have a minute. Filled with clear photos, detailed descriptions on how to do the postures, tips, modifications, breathing instructions, and Breathing Themes to help you use your Sun Salutation toward a wide variety of goals.

Your body relaxes when you breathe out. Also, a relaxed body stretches better. So, when you breathe out, your body will automatically let go and stretch farther, without you forcing it.

See the difference that these and other Serenity Yoga Breathing Themes make to your yoga & relaxation practice.

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  • Think you're too inflexible to do Yoga?
  • Think that Yoga is about feats of gymnastics?
  • Think you'll have to hold pretzel-like poses oblivious to the gruelling pain shooting through your body?
  • Think Yoga is retreating to sit on a mountain top for the rest of your life?
  • Not in Serenity Yoga


    About Serenity (Audio) Yoga
    COVR Award SealAudio Yoga has been voted one of the Top Visionary Websites at the 2007 COVR AwardsWe're also please to announce that we are now in the top 20,000 websites viewed in Canada!
    Serenity Yoga is a fresh way of teaching Yoga. In creating the program, Corinne Friesen has introduced a new element to teaching yoga, the concept of Breathing Themes. These Breathing Themes are ways of paying attention to your breathing so that the different aspects of yoga practice become clear to you, quickly and easily, on an experiential level. 


    AY LogoThe Breathing Theme innovations, and Corinne's lively, simple approach to presenting them in her book Hurry Up - Relax!, has won the Serenity Yoga program recognition at the 2006 COVR awards. And again, for top websites, at the 2007 COVR Awards.


    For example, in the First Breathing Theme, you learn that your body relaxes as you breathe out. Try this now, as you read this. Take a nice breath in. Now, as you let the breath go, notice how your body feels like it's sinking down, letting go inside - relaxing. This is your Relaxation Response.

    When you work with the First Breathing Theme, you simply do your routine paying attention to your Relaxation Response as you do your poses. In this way you start to understand the connection between breathing, relaxation and better stretching.

    Many of the Breathing Themes develop your Relaxation Response in different ways, so that you become very good at being deeply calm, very quickly.


    Being the change we want to see in the world - our hosting service for AudioYoga.com is run off wind power.

    The Breathing Themes can be used with any stretches or any pre-existing yoga program, or with Corinne's own lessons, which she has designed to help you grasp the principles of yoga quickly and easily.

    You can use your new understanding toward whatever purposes you like - whether you need to drop stress during your day, become more fit, shape up for your sports activity, find energy you thought you'd lost, develop better breathing, rebuild your body or simply enjoy connecting with yourself.  The possibilities are endless.

    In Serenity Yoga the lessons are divided into themed blocks. Within each block, each routine combines postures, breathing, relaxation and meditation according to object of the lesson. The object of the lesson is then made clear through the Breathing Theme. Together, these linked elements to every routine give you more skill at things like relaxation, body-mind harmony, and calmness under stress.

    Because you learn Serenity Yoga through Breathing Themes and in manageable bits, the connections happen faster than if we throw it at you all at once.

    Serenity Yoga was founded by Corinne Friesen after 30 years of personal study and 7 years of program development. Corinne draws on her extensive background in yoga, natural health, psychology, and on her many years as a teacher and presenter to give you an effective, deeply beneficial program.

    Audio Yoga is the website presence and CD lesson series that brings Serenity Yoga to you. It's our way of making yoga more accessible. For example, you can take the CDs with you wherever you go. The website instruction becomes more clear when you're hearing Corinne's gentle guidance. We also love the way that using sound helps our connection with you become more personal - conveying the warmth and depth of experience that yoga has to offer.

    We have detailed instruction on many postures at many levels of difficulty.  Each page includes photos, how to modify the pose for your level of ability, warnings, tips for safety and tips for best results, and downloadable sheets you can print.   Many of our pages also have audio instruction.  If you'd like audio for your iPOD, see our Audio menu.  See the Serenity Yoga Breathing Themes to get the most out of the postures and your routines.

    We also have a wide variety of routines, at various levels of difficulty, that you can use toward many types of goals, including learning Serenity Yoga, building strength, developing flexibility, dropping stress, energizing you.  We have also designed the routines to accomodate your different situations, whether you're very fit or struggling with some aspect of your body.   

    Plus, cruise around the site for lots of tips, discussions, thoughts about yoga, shopping and, of course, Corinne's books and CDs!

    Want to see more?  Got ideas for something you haven't seen here?  We'd love to hear from you:  This e-mail address is being protected from spam bots, you need JavaScript enabled to view it