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Below are the links to our instructional PDFs

Routine PDF's

Zesty Day Starter

Breathing Warm Up

Centering Routine

Routine for Singers

Morning Hip Loosener

Quick Roadside Routine for Runners

At Home Routine for Runners

Roadside Routine for Runners

At Home Routine for Swimmers

Pool-Side Routine For Swimmers

Mini Routines to Improve Balance

Routine To Correct Pronation

Routine For Scoliosis

Routine For Energy Healers

Sleep Inducers

Day Starter 

Foundation Routines

Breathing Theme 1

Breathing Theme 1 (Gentle)

Breathing Theme 2

Breathing Theme 2 (Gentle)

Breathing Theme 4

Breathing Theme 4 (Gentle)

Level 1 (These are the gentlest routines)

Back Loosener - Mini Routine

Back Strengthening Routine (Level 1-2)

Mini Routines to Improve Balance (Level 2)

Routine to Improve Breathing Muscles

Routine to Building You Up to Doing Inverted Poses (Level 1-2)

Routines to Promote Calm

More Routines to Promote Calm, (Level 1-2)

Centering Exercise

Routine from Corinne's second CD

Routine for Energy (Level 1-2)


Morning Hip Loosener

Hip Loosener (Level 1-2)

Lower Back Loosener

Neck (Level 1-2)

Wake Up Your Breathing!

Level 2-3 (These routines are fairly gentle)

Balance (Level 2)

Building Up to Back Bends & Bows

Neck & Shoulders

Twist Preparation Routine

Upper Body

Upper Body Strength

Upper Body Strength 2

Level 3-4 (These routines are middle-level of difficulty)

Balance (at Green Level of Practice)

Building Up To Inverted Poses (Level 4)

Hip Loosener (Level 3-4)

Level 5 (These routines are moderate - to - demanding in their difficulty)



Hip Loosener

 Level 7-8 (These are fairly demanding routines)

Building Up to Inverted Poses (Level 8 Difficulty)

Centering Routine

Inverted Routine

Neck Loosener (Level 7-8)

Upper Body Strengthener

Level 8 (These are our most demanding routines.)

75 min Complete Routine

Posture PDF's

Abdominal Breathing

Abdominal Lifts

Abdominal Lifts 2

Ankle to Forehead

Baby Pigeon

Back Bend Primer

Back Bend 1

Back Bend 2

Back Bend 3

Back Stretch

Balance Posture 1

Balance Posture 2

Balance Posture 3


Bust Expansion


Butterfly Breathing

Butterfly Extension

Butterfly Prep Pose 1

Butterfly Prep Pose 2


CatStretch 1

Chest Breathing 1

Chest Breathing 3 - Back Breathing

Chest Breathing 2

Chest Expansion

Child Pose


Complete Breath 1

Core Breathing

Cow Pose 1

Dancers Posture 1

Dancers Posture 2

Dancers Posture 3

Dandelion Breath

Downward Dog

Elbow Knee 1

Elbow Knee 2

Elbow Knee 3

Eye Stretches


Half Bow Prep

Half Bow Prep Extension

Half Bow

Incline Plane

Knee Stretches

Leg Overs

Leg Fold 1

Leg Fold 2

Leg Press

Leg Stretch



Mountain Pose 1

Neck Press

Neck Rolls

Neck Stretch 1

Neck Stretch (complete Neck Stretch)

Pelvic Lift

Pelvic Push

Pelvic Tilt




Rock Rolls

Sacral Breathing

Side To Sides

Simple Breath

Simple Side Bend


Skiers Pose

Sleeping Pigeon

Spider 1

Spider 2

Spider 3

The Wave

Thigh Master

Toe Stretches

Triangle Primer

Triangle 1

Triangle - Full Triangle

Twist 1

Waves Dissolving Sand

Waves On The Shore

Sitting Wide Angle Pose

Wide Angle Standing

Wide Angle Standing With Twist

Wood Chopper

Breathing Themes PDF's

Breathing Theme 1

Breathing Theme 2

Breathing Theme 3

Breathing Theme 4

Orange Level Discovery Exercise

Breathing Theme 5

Breathing Theme 6

Breathing Theme 7

Breathing Theme 8

Breathing Theme 9

Calming through Movement

Breathing Theme 10

Breathing Theme 11

Breathing Theme 12

Breathing Theme 13

Green Level Discovery Exercise

The Fountain

Breathing Theme 14

Breathing Theme 15

Breathing Theme 16

Breathing Theme 17

Breathing Theme 18

Green Level Poses

Breathing Theme 19

Breathing Theme 20

Breathing Theme 21

Yoga And Cranio-Sacral Therapy

Centering Exercise

Breathing Theme 22

Breathing Theme 22a

Ojai Breathing - An Introduction

Breathing Theme 23

Chakra Basics

Clearing Your Chakras

Core Center Point

Energy Building Exercise (for your Energy Field)

Grounding Exercise

Meditation PDF's

Calming Through Movement

Centering Exercise

Abdominal Breathing

Core Breathing

Dandelion Breath

Peace In The Stillness

The Wave

Waves Dissolving Sand

Waves On The Shore

PDF's on Breathing

Abdominal Breathing

Abdominal Lifts

Abdominal Lifts 2

Butterfly Breathing

Complete Breath 1

Core Breathing

Cow Pose 1

Dandelion Breath

Neck Press

Neck Rolls

Neck Stretch 1

Neck Stretch (complete Neck Stretch)

Peace In The Stillness

Sacral Breathing

The Wave

Waves Dissolving Sand

Waves on the Shore

Starting Positions & Tips

Clever Yoga Tricks:  Elongation of the Spine

Forward Bends

Mountain Pose 1

Suction Cup Hands

Some of Corinne's Articles



Yoga Nidra:  How To Practice Yoga Nidra

And, of course, Corinne's Blog